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About Me


I’m Suzanne, one of the Mother Huddle girls, if you don’t know about The Mother Huddle you have got to visit us over there, it’s where 6 mom’s come together to share ideas about family life, crafts, cooking, sewing, and advice.  It a truly unique website.

I am  friends with some amazing women and they constantly inspire me to be a better mom, wife, and overall person.  If you ever go blog hopping you’ll see the talents of so many different women (and some men).  I decided to start my own blog with the title “You Made That?”  because so many times I’ve been asked that very question about different talents or abilities that I have.  I am not a super creative person (I have to rack my brain) but I have truly enjoyed crafting and creating in the last few years.  When you do it yourself there is a certain pride that comes with it.

I have always liked baking since I was little and eating it too, so you’ll probably find more baking recipes than anything else.  My mom wasn’t a baker at all but a pretty good version of “Sandra Lee of Semi Homemade” as far as the food goes.  Because of my love of sweets and my friends mom, who let us use her kitchen aid to make tons of cookies~ I love to bake.  I have a super sweet tooth that is relentless so I usually share the food I’ve been craving.

I also like to share any crafting ideas that I haven’t already shared on The Mother Huddle  and a few tidbits of other interests I have and want to share.

Note to reader:  If you are feeling guilty about not being a great cook or cooking enough your getting the wrong message from this little blog.  I really only cook a few meals a week because of the hectic schedule of my family and my lack of organizational skills (I’m so not Martha, then again we only see what she wants us to).

You Made That?


  1. Robin Scott permalink

    Suzanne, this is the coolest! I will be visiting this often!!

    • Thanks Robin, so glad you like it. Glad to connect up with you on FB your kids have grown up and are so cute.

  2. Krista Yates permalink

    This is GREAT Suz! I love a good recipe and could always use new ideas on things to create! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi there, I just popped in after seeing you and this link on Bakerella’s site. I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and after reading about you I find that we are very much alike! (Main difference, though, is that I live in Norway 😉
    I have just started blogging, and I feel like such a novice. I don’t have a clue about the technical bit, so I’m still learning. Food blogs are rare in my country, so I’m thinking I could start a trend up here 😀
    Keep it up, you are truly inspiring!

    Maria in Norway

    • Maria thanks so much for the compliment, keep on blogging you can get lots of help from other bloggers most everyone loves to share. Bakeralla is awesome and the people who put on the Food Blog Forum were great so if you visit some their sites like and they have more helps on photo taking and other vaulable info.

      • Thank you so much Suzanne! I have noticed that some of my friends in other countries want to follow my blog, so I have started to write my posts in both Norwegian and English.
        Continue inspiring people, you do it so well 🙂

      • Maria, you are welcome. I tweeted your post of the “cars” cake so hopefully you will get a few more people to follow you. Not sure if you know what Twitter is or not, it’s a social networking site that is very popular in the US. Have a great week.

  4. Thank you, yet again! I have noticed some more US traffic today! I’ll probably “expand” to Twitter soon, when I’m getting the hang of blogging..
    Have a tasty week 😉

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