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Field Trip~The GreenTomato

October 13, 2010

I took a little field trip to The Green Tomato Restaurant in Texarkana, Texas. I took my good friend not really knowing what to expect. The Green Tomato has been in business for about 18 months but it’s location is not on my beaten path.  Josh Douglas and Chad Sparkman the head cooks/friends/owners have been in the restaurant business for 25 years combined.  They have a love for food and it shows in the dishes they prepare and by the happy people leaving  after a meal.

When driving up to the restaurant I could tell it must be good because it was an hour past lunch and there were still plenty of cars in the parking lot.  Upon entering, I was greeted with the smells of good Southern, down home cooking.  Our waitress was pleasant and soon we met Josh the co-owner, whom we asked what to order.  He recommended trying the appetizer basket so we could try out the fried green tomatoes. Honestly, I had only had them once (at another restaurant) and didn’t really like them, but was willing to try them out to make sure.

Are you drooling over the picture yet?  This is the appetizer basket and it was as good as it looks.  It came hot with two sauces, a house spicy sauce somewhat like fry and tartar sauce mixed together and ranch dressing.  I was so surprised at how good the fried green tomatoes were, I loved them.   All of the fried foods are hand battered in either flour and cornmeal or both that is spiked with seasonings that are secret!  Oh, how I’d love to know that secret.

After the delicious appetizers we enjoyed I could have gone home happy.  But oh no, we weren’t threw we had only begun, lunch was cooking now.  I ordered “Chicken Fried Chicken” with mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll.

Just look at that gorgeous food!  It was seriously good.  The chicken was mmmmm…love at first bite.  It was moist not dried out like some fried chicken.  The juicy chicken went perfect with mashed potatoes that are to die for, smothered with plenty of white gravy, my favorite.  This was no lunch- it turned out to be three meals for me! Well, I did share some of my left over meal with my son too.  My friend Virgina ordered some great catfish and shrimp, and she loved all of hers too.  The Catfish was just right, along with plump fried shrimp and homemade hush-puppies, she said the hush-puppies were the best she’d ever had.

We ended our lunch with some chocolate pie and sopapilla  cheesecake.  I didn’t get good enough pictures of those desserts to do them justice.  Sufficed to say, they were just as tasty as the rest of the food we ate at The Green Tomato.

On my second visit I got to see just what goes on back in the kitchen where the magic happens.  The Green Tomato is known for great burgers so it was time for me to learn how to make the “Mile High Burger”.  Little did I know, I would be eating that huge burger we were about to make.   I wish I could tell you I squeezed out the secrets of the Green Tomato but no luck there.  Josh was kind enough to walk me through how to put together this colossal burger so watch and learn.

Yes, all the ingredients shown is what goes on one burger plus the bacon isn’t in the picture.

I think Josh said 8 spices go into his handmade hamburger patties…I tried to guess one and it wasn’t there.  It’s almost done on the grill, cheese, mushrooms, and ham yes this is a true HAM-burger.

Starts off rather simple a grilled cheese on Texas toast but then it grows with the addition of lettuce, tomato, hamburger patty, cheese, mushrooms, ham, and 2 fried eggs plus bacon (more ham), BBQ sauce and 4 hand breaded onion rings, then top it off with another grilled cheese…. whew!

There you have it Green Tomatoes~Mile High Burger doesn’t that look so good? Now who is going to eat this thing ha ha…me!

Can you see that my mouth is open as big as it gets!  There was no way I was going to be in the Hall of Fame finishing this one, more like the Hall of Shame.

I made a small dent, the trick to eating this burger is smashing it down before the first bite so it will somewhat fit in your mouth then never set it down!  If you think you can eat this baby then come on give it a try.

This beautiful BLT was Josh’s idea of a light lunch.  I like his idea of a light lunch don’t you?

I may not have made the hall of fame here but I did buy me one of these great shirts.  Two things are for sure whether you order the mile high burger or fried green tomato BLT you will love the food and how nice the people who work there are.  I really enjoyed my experience at The Green Tomato, so give them a try if you are ever in Texarkana, Texas they are located at 2902 S. Lake Dr., thanks Josh and staff who made my visit delicious!


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  1. Tami permalink

    Great review. I’m sorry you have to make such horrible sacrifices for the art of the blog! I bet my grandma would love that place. What is it near?

  2. thanks Tami, yeah some sacrifices have to be made. It’s near nothing! You just drive down Summer Hill until it turns into Lake Dr. and it will be on your right. If you made it to the loop you went way to far.

  3. Wow – I was driving to Arkadelphia from Dallas the other day and was astonished to realize that I couldn’t even find a Starbucks from the highway in Texarkana. Now I realize I should have gotten off just for the restaurant, Starbucks or not!

    • Actually, there is a Starbucks but we have some much road construction going on you probably wouldn’t have found it. It off Richmond Rd. in the Target shopping center. Now you know where to stop next time 😉

  4. Tammy Gilbert permalink

    Who is that girl eating that big whomping hamburger? It looked delicious…bet you went home and worked out for an hour, didn’t you;)

  5. Tanya permalink

    I’ve eaten there several times, they are wonderful. I always get the sampler platter. did you try the sopapillia cheesecake? it is fantabulous!! great family atmosphere and close to my house and work.

  6. Oh I needed this review! I was just telling Aaron I wanted to try fried green tomatoes. And he would LOVE that burger, anything with an egg on it.
    Great review, we will be hopping in, we’ll tell them you sent us!

  7. The food looks so delish! If I hadn’t just eaten dinner I would so tell the hubby I want to go on a vacation! I love the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  8. Jileen permalink

    Ok, where did that vegetarian go that I used to know? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you eat ground beef…and there you are for all the world to see eating a HUGE hamburger! Go Suzanne!

  9. Me and Josh think alike. BLT’s are my favorite light lunch…or dinner..or even breakfast. Looks like a fun restaurant.

  10. The food looks so delicious and the burger – your a girl after my own heart! That is one insane burger!

  11. Sharon Earl Strange permalink

    I have passed by that place often but never have stopped. Now I want to try it. thanks for the info.

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