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10 Min. Mum Planter for Indoors

October 5, 2010

I love fresh flowers especially inside.  In the Fall I can’t resist buying a fresh plant or 2 of mums but instead of planting outside I wanted to keep it indoors but look good too.  I didn’t want to replant it into something else so I got an idea, it does happen occasionally.  I like to keep containers that might be re-usable again so I thought I had a peanut can that was big enough, well it was but the metal rim stopped the plant from going in.  Then I remembered I had a plastic gallon container from ice-cream and it turns out it was perfect.  So I found some scraps of burlap fabric, got my glue gun and went to work.  It took just a few minutes and I had that cute container I wanted.  Hope this gives you an idea for making your own.


From → Crafts, re-purposing

  1. Heidi permalink

    Very cute- Lauren & I were just talking about mums yesterday, and I said I should get some and put in a “pumpkin” pot, but this would be less messy! =)

  2. thanks Heidi!

  3. What a cute idea! I love burlap for decorating!!

  4. Tami permalink

    What a neat idea! What a great gift idea.

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