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Cooking with Kids

October 4, 2010

Friday nights in the Fall are all about high school football so normally we aren’t home, but the game was far away and we decided not to go.  That left the night open for my son and I to have a date night at home.  I sort of had to convince him it was going to be fun because he really wanted to go over to his friend’s house and play.  When I picked him up from school I realized he was excited for our little night alone because he said everyone at school knew what he was doing that night. I have to cherish this because it won’t last long.  Our night started by my son running around the house pretending to be a ninja after that we began making mini hot pockets, then we watched a movie “Marmaduke” which was funny but had some rude bodily function humor that boys think is hilarious.  We ended the night with ice-cream and making Halloween spiders.

Mini Hot Pockets

1 pkg. Pillsbury crescent rolls (6 count large)

pizza sauce


pepperoni slices chopped


We experimented with different shapes and sizes.  I found that 2 rolls stretched out and seams put together cut in half  to form 2 squares works best.  Just put sauce, cheese and pepperoni in the middle and fold one corner over to form a triangle.  But the fun in it is letting your children decide how they wants to do it.  Bake at 350 for 15 min.

He loved his own food 🙂

  • Many things could be used to make these hot pockets just pick your favorite ingredients.
  • Sweet hot pockets could be made with pie filling or jam, peanut butter and chocolate chips, chocolate chips and banana slices just get creative and have fun.

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  1. Did you play ninja with him? What a happy camper and such a great idea to set time aside to bond. Those have to be much better than regular store-bought hot pockets.

    • no I so would have lost he is like a tornado in the house, I could barely get him to slow it down to cook with me.

  2. Tami permalink

    I love this posting. Cole has turned into a very handsome young man. What a fun night for you guys.

  3. That’s a funny post:) Your son is a really handsome man! He surely makes the girls crazy!:)
    By the way, the food is delicious, too.

    • thanks Ildy, he is a handsome boy and he loves girls so I will have to keep an eye on him for sure.

  4. What a great evening! You sure do have a handsome son there and he sure does have a sweet mom! I can see why you enjoyed the evening so much. The hot pockets look easy and extra delicious! Wish I had one right now.

  5. How fun! What a great idea Suzanne! Cute pics of your good looking boy! 🙂

  6. precious moments in time! smiling love this~

  7. Definitely keeping this idea handy for the grandkids.

  8. Kendra permalink

    My 6 year old son, Coda, LOVES to cook with me. My other two children do, as well, but now that they are teenagers…well….not so much. Coda and I might have to put these together for the family sometime soon. He loves “recipes” that allow a bit of creative freedom. This sounds like it would be perfect for him! Thanks for sharing yet another great idea!

    • That is so great that your son likes to cook with you. Good bonding time plus it teaches math!

  9. .Krista permalink

    Oh Suz, he is adorable and what a great memory you’ve created with him!

  10. thanks Krista!

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