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Sour Dough Cinnamon Rolls

September 24, 2010

Can you smell these through your screen?  Oh I wish you could, but tasting them is even better. Hot right out of the oven, soft and dripping buttery cinnamon goey-ness.  If you are a lover of cinnamon rolls this is the best recipe I’ve found.  I fell in love with this recipe years ago when I learned how to make the sour dough starter.  I made these every week for a month I think until I started gaining weight, then I knew it was time to quit. I highly recommend you try them out but resist the temptation to make them weekly unless you give them away.

To get the recipe for the starter and bread need to visit my post on sour dough bread and making the starter.  Following those instructions until you get to the last part about putting the dough in a bread pan to rise then follow the directions below.


  1. On a floured surface dump bowl of dough out.
  2. With floured hands knead dough and add flour if it is too wet.  My dough was just fine so I didn’t have to add extra flour.
  3. Divide dough in half shape into 2 circles then roll out into 2 rectangles approx. 14 in. by 9, make sure you continue to flour the surface your dough is on so it doesn’t stick.

Cinnamon Roll Filling:

1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup butter or margarine softened
1 1/2 T. of cinnamon
1/4 cup flour

Mix above ingredients together in a bowl can use mixer if you would like.

  1. Spread the filling onto your rectangle
  2. Roll up the long side and tuck the ends under.
  3. Cut dough into rolls by sliding long piece of dental floss under the roll and cut into 3 in. slices.

  1. Spray a large jelly roll pan with cooking spray and line up the slices.
  2. Cover rolls with plastic wrap that you sprayed with cooking spray so the plastic wrap will come off your rising rolls.  Let rolls rise until double in size.
  3. Bake for 20-25 min. on the bottom rack (this ensures the whole roll gets cooked not just the top) at 350 degrees.

After the rolls have cooled a bit mix a glaze of 1 cup confectioners sugar + 2 T. milk, drizzle over rolls.

Time to sit back and enjoy the labor of love…mmmmmm!

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  1. I get hungry just reading your site. Love the recipes and photos!

    • Yeah I know what you mean I get hungry looking at these photos too. thanks for visiting me!

  2. my son is going nuts looking at these, his favorite….do you ship? How much? wow these are certainly amazing!

    • thanks Claudia, you just gotta learn to make these.. sour dough is so amazing because there is no yeast but thy rise up beautifully.

  3. Kelli permalink

    I’ve been “feeding” a starter for a couple of months now and am always on the look out for new recipes. I’ve made sweet breads,pancakes, pizza dough, cookies, and soon I’ll be trying this recipe. Thanks!

    • Kelli, you need to pass along some of your sour dough recipes…cookie? that sounds interesting.

  4. Heidi permalink

    Awesome! Why am I afraid though to try it?

  5. I’ve got a starter in the fridge–I’ll be giving this a try. Thanks!!

    • Yeah, hope you love them. One important thing I have learned recently with making breads, if you bake them on the bottom rack they cook from the bottom up so your outside doesn’t get all burnt looking. It has made big difference for me.

  6. Yes I can smell them and I want to taste them. These are a family favorite especially on Saturdays when I have more lazy time (Yeah Right) but well at least enough to make them. Yours look heavenly. I would love to sit down and share one with you.

  7. What wonderful rolls! And the cinnamon filling….ahh it’s heavenly!:)

  8. This looks SOOO yummy! I think I’ll go ahead and try this. I have most the ingredients in my pantry so I’ll cross my fingers that they come out looking tasty like yours!

  9. Can I come to your house right now???? These look amazing. I think I found my recipe for the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa @

  10. kelli permalink

    Hey Suzanne- I just sent you an email with some sour dough recipes. I’m not sure if I sent it to the correct address though, so let me know!

  11. Yumm…your cinnamon rolls look sooooo good!

    • thanks, coming from someone who takes some amazing photos, I feel like I must have done something right.

  12. These look positively divine! I love your picture collages too!

  13. Hi Suzanne, thanks so much for stopping by. You have such a lovely blog! I’m looking forward to exploring.

  14. Evan permalink

    zomg nom nom. This is making me hungry. Is it Thanksgiving yet?

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