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Heath Crunch Ice Cream

August 18, 2010

Ice Cream is one of the post popular desserts in America.  I am somewhat of a connoisseur of ice cream, after all I worked for Baskin Robbins for 5 years and loved almost all the flavors.  Living in the South I’ve been introduced to a few favorite ice cream companies that trump Baskin Robbins, one is Blue Bell ice cream.  But my most favorite  ice cream is Braums, oh how I love me some Braums, especially banana pecan. With that said I think I just found another favorite ice cream that I can make myself called Heath Crunch.  The recipe for the base is from FoodNetwork’s Alton Brown, but I add the heath crunch and it’s perfect.  Give this recipe a try it isn’t that difficult and the results are  delicious.

Heath Crunch Ice Cream
3 cup half-and-half
1 cup heavy cream
8 large egg yolks
9 oz. sugar
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract or paste

1 cup of heath crunch candy


  1. In medium saucepan heat cream and half-and-half on med-low to simmer stirring occasionally.
  2. In medium mixing bowl whisk the egg yolks until they are light in color.
  3. Gradually add sugar and whisk to combine.
  4. Temper the cream mixture into the eggs by gradually adding small amounts, until 1/3 cup of the cream mixture has been added.
  5. Pour the remainder of the cream into the egg mixture.
  6. Return egg cream mixture to the saucepan and cook stirring often until the mixture slightly thickens and coats the back of a spoon or reaches 170 to 175 degrees F.
  7. Pour mixture into a container and let sit for 30 min. then stir in vanilla.
  8. Place the mixture into the refrigerator and once it is cool enough not to form condensation on the lid, cover and store for 4-8 hours until the temperature reaches 40 degrees F or below.
  9. Pour into an ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer’s directions.
  10. Towards the end of the cycle add 1 cup of heath crunch tidbits (from the baking section) this should take approx. 25-35 min.
  11. Serve as is for soft serve or freeze another 3-4 hours to allow the ice cream to harden.

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  1. Ooh what a yummy ice cream. I love toffee!

    • If you love toffee you got to make this ice cream it’s so rich and creamy with just enough crunch.

  2. What a heavenly delicious ice cream with heath bar! I wish I had a scoop…

  3. My little ice cream maker is in the freezer and ready to go. Heath bar crunch is my favorite ice cream and now to think I can make it at home…..thank you!

    • Yeah! so glad you can make it now too. The only bad thing is eating half by myself since it was late one night while on the computer it was just calling my name!

  4. ooh I just got an ice cream maker–I’ll have to try this recipe,I love heath!

    • your either going to love me for the giving you the recipe or hate me because you can’t stop making it…enjoy!

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