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10 things I’ve done since being back from vacation

August 11, 2010

10.  Eat breakfast food for dinner the first 3 nights- due to avoiding grocery shopping

9.  Start back at working out (so sore)

8.  Unfortunately unpacking which was done on day 5 ( I am my mother’s child)

7. Water the sad, half dead, thirst deprived, ferns :0

6.  Shop at hobby lobby and come out with only 2 things which is record braking

5.  Try to figure out what my husband did with the company billing

4.  Avert my eyes from the kitchen floor and wear shoes while walking on it

3.  Avoid going outside in 105 degree weather

2.  Pretend I’m still on vacation:)

1.  Clean out the penicillin growing in the frig!

Have a fabulous day all.

PS.  I love that this picture will drive those people ( type A) crazy who can’t stand things to be off center.


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  1. I love the picture! Not having “posed” photos is the best….IMHO. 🙂

    • Thanks Pat, my daughter took it we were just playing around and I wouldn’t quit being silly.

  2. Kara permalink

    Your so weird! LOL

  3. kelli permalink

    You’re too funny! : )

  4. You’re in great company with that list. Thanks for the laugh!

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