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Breakfast Burritos

July 31, 2010

This is a family favorite that we have been making forever and it is almost never at breakfast either because who has time for making breakfast except on weekends.  When you don’t have much time to make dinner but you want something tasty these  burritos hit the spot.  We like them with sautéed onions and peppers sometimes bacon or sausage if we have it but, always with cheese, salsa and sour cream.  If you like mushrooms then add those, potatoes are a great addition too.  The best thing about recipes and cooking is making it your own.  I hope you enjoy these little breakfast burritos any way you make them.

6 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/2 of bell pepper chopped
1/3 of a red onion chopped
6 oz. bacon fried and torn into bite size
1 cup of cheese whatever kind you like
sour cream
In large skillet  fry the bacon on medium heat, then saute the onions and peppers on med-high heat in the drippings from the bacon. Crack eggs into medium size bowl add the milk to them and whisk. Cook the eggs on med-high heat in a little bit of the bacon grease if you still have some or use butter. Add the onions,peppers and bacon while eggs are cooking when they are almost done add the cheese on top (make sure you don’t over cook the eggs turn off when there is still a little bit of liquid while they sit in the pan they will finish cooking). Wrap in taco size flour tortillas with some salsa and a little of sour cream. Makes 5 burritos.

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  1. Ginny Garr permalink

    Suzanne your blog is awesome. I invited my friend to become a fan to add a little sunshine to her challenging life. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks Ginny, your so sweet. Glad you like my blog, and thanks for inviting your friend too!

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