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Personalized Gift Soap

July 24, 2010

When I stayed with my good friend Aubrey for a week we  had lots of fun cooking and going to Sea World.  Aub is one of the girls on The Mother Huddle, she is the one who contributes to the kids crafts on The Mother Huddle.  The morning I left she got up with me extra early and helped me by packing lots of healthy snacks for the drive and then she gives me this nice gift of personalized pump soap.  I love homemade gifts and this was so sweet of her since I was staying with her I should be giving her a gift.  If you are interested in knowing how do this great idea then click here for the details.


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  1. Hey i live not real far from Aubrey….such a lovely friend to give such a lovely gift….you are blessed…glad you enjoy your texas stay

  2. Heidi permalink

    I thought I left my comment. My parents got one of these a few Christmas’s back. It’s super cute! Need to get on-line to figure it out… Maybe for a fun activity?

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