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Recipes to Try-Out!

June 9, 2010

If your ever in doubt for what to make for dinner never fear because it’s just a click away.   The following recipes below are dangerously good,  so I haven’t been focusing so much on coming up with yummy recipes because I’ve been busy trying out others new recipes.  I am a sucker for enchiladas so of course I had to try Bunky Cooks recipe and boy were they good.

She has an amazing blog that you should bookmark and try out several of her recipes.   I couldn’t find any poblano peppers for the recipe but I used Anaheim peppers instead.  After tasting the sauce I decided my 9-year-old would be dying from the heat so I added some plain yogurt to the sauce to cool it off a bit.  Cilantro is a love of ours, so I added some to the sauce too.  It was a labor in love because it takes a while to roast your peppers, but oh is it worth it.

Well I bought some mangos to make some ice cream with but never got around to it because they got used up in this yummy mango salsa from our best bites.

My husband missed my instructions on what to eat the salsa with so he put it on the enchiladas and really liked it. Thanks for the yummy pico- de gallo recipe at our best bites.

I have this recipe on the top of my brain to try but can’t seem to keep the chocolate chips around long enough to make it.  Just look at how delish those cookies look (drooling).  At What’s Cooking Italian Cuisine is where you can find this chocolate lovers recipe.

This household loves chocolate and can’t seem to leave the chips alone. I’m hiding the chocolate chips from everyone ( how do you hide them from yourself?) and making these ASAP!  Happy cooking!

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  1. Thanks for your support and this repost… love those enchiladas from Bunky Cooks too!!~ hope you try the cookies sometime soon:)

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    Thank you so much for mentioning my enchilada recipe and post! I am glad that you enjoyed them. When I first tasted the sauce it was a bit hot, but once it was mixed in with everything else, it was so good. Sour cream also helped to cool it down (as you did with the yogurt).

    BTW, I think your blog looks great!


  3. Those looks really yummy, Thanks for introducing me to the wonderful links.

  4. Chelsey permalink

    I wish I could answer the chocolate question of the day for you…my only solution is to buy them when you plan on baking with them, so you use it alllllll up. Because if you are like me, you’ll be dipping into to them a little bit allll day long!

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