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Book Review “These is My Words”

May 21, 2010

What a wonderful book this is!  I have truly enjoyed reading the fictional journal of this character Sarah Prine.  The book club that I’m part of choose this book on a recommendation from my SIL.  If you like historical fiction type books you’ll get captivated by the character’s in the lovely book.

Sarah is not your typical idea of a  women in the 1800’s, she is more of a modern woman her time yet practical too.  She is honest almost to fault and her integrity is heart warming.  Wanting to be educated she teaches herself to read with a child’s help then  her dream comes true and she happens upon a wagon load of deserted books.   She takes possession of the books and regards them as high as her life.  Her desire to find love and be loved is a journey she takes not without pain and hear break.  Sarah’s life struggles are nothing short of heroic at times. This is a story that will tug at your heart strings as well as entertain you.

One of my favorite passages is:

“…that preacher pointed at me and said, Come up here and repent Sister!  You are called by the Holy Spirit to repent, and he is pricking your soul with your sins.  All eyes were on me, the whole place turned and stared.  In front of everyone, he yelled, Place your hands on the Bible and repent of your sins, and repent sister.  I supposed he wanted me to tell them out loud to everyone, and there where a lot of shocked faces in the seats around me, but some of the faces seemed real interested, not repentant.  I thought I was about to choke to death.

So I said, I killed some people….Two bad white men and some Indians I don’t know how many, at least ten.

Suddenly he quit looking so full of the Holy Ghost and said You killed ten Indians?

I had to clear my throat to make a sound he could hear, but I said, Well, I’ spose I’m a pretty good shot.  Then the whole crowd broke out laughing…”


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  1. Dolores Love permalink

    Dear Suzanne……Where did you buy the book, “This is my Words”…..I looked at and could not find it. Please let me know. Love, Sister Love.

  2. This is crazy Suzanne…I was just talking to a friend on Friday about a good book to read, and this is the one the recommended. I’m definitely going to have to get it now. Thanks!!

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