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Flip Flop Re-do

May 7, 2010

My daughter and I made these the other night aren’t they adorable!  Love flip-flops and since the weather is hot where I live we are living in them.  Making these cheap flip-flops was so fun and easy too.  All you need is flops, glue gun, ribbon, sewing machine and a jewel and your almost done.

First cut 4 pieces of ribbon about 16 in long.

Second sew up the middle of each piece of ribbon.

Third pull one string of the ribbon to make gathers like a ruffle, careful not to pull to hard or it will break, do this for all 4 pieces.

Last hot glue in place and glue cute jewel in the middle and that’s it.


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  1. So cute! Sooooo many variations, colors, etc., could be used. Thanks for sharing!

    • thanks, I know I love the little safari print though, I did a green pair the other day for the mother huddle.

  2. Cori permalink

    The flip flops are so cute.

    Why are selling your RV? Would you be interested in renting it out?

    • Thanks Cori. We want a newer model, I don’t know if Brad would rent it out, but I’ll find out.

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