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Book Review

May 3, 2010

I’ve been out of town since Wednesday of last week and haven’t had a chance to cook anything up yet,  but I did finish this book on CD while driving.  I really enjoyed this book because it is about how to get the things we want in life by positive thinking.  Our minds are more powerful than we realize so if we channel our energy to positive thoughts instead of worry, doubt, fear, we can change our lives.  I’ve always heard the quote “As a man thinketh therefore he is”  well it’s true.  For example if you are having a difficult problem and all you do is talk about it to everyone you see and complain about it, the problem seems to grow and become worse.  If you take a positive pro-active approach the problem seems less daunting and becomes solvable.  The author Rhonda Byrne uses the secret in all facets of life from gaining wealth to loosing weight.  She believes it to be the great secret to life  hence the title of the book.

This book isn’t for everyone but I took bits and pieces of it and plan to use them in my life to get more of what I want and to be happier.  I recommend getting it at the library to read or in CD form like I did.    Happy Reading!


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