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Brigham House Chicken Salad

April 16, 2010

When I was first married we stayed at a little bed and breakfast in Manti, Utah called the Brigham House.  The proprietor  who ran the home was so personable and hospitable we couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay. Well, she made the most incredible chicken salad for a wedding reception she was hosting later that day and fed us as we were leaving that afternoon.  I didn’t like chicken salad at the time so my expectations were not very high. But, I became a lover of this one and asked her to give me the recipe.  She graciously rattle off the ingredients while I made note of them but never gave any proportions. The following  is what I have come up with in my attempt to re-create her delicious  salad.

Brigham House Chicken Salad

4 -6 large chicken breast cooked and chunked

2  stalks of celery chopped

2 cups grapes red or green (cut in half or left whole)

1 granny smith apples with skin chopped(use 2 gala if you don’t like granny)

1 gala apple chopped

2 oranges chopped (I use tangelos sometimes)

1 small can of pineapple  tibits drained

2 cups real mayonnaise

roasted or plain peanuts

I usually boil my chicken breast but it really doesn’t matter how you cook them just as long as it stays whole so you can cube it not shred.  While my chicken is cooling I start chopping the fruit.

In a large bowl put drained pineapple in, then add the remainder of the fruit and celery and stir lightly not to break apart the oranges.

Add the chicken and mayonnaise to the large bowl and gently fold together so everything doesn’t get torn apart.

Note:  If  I’m making this for the next day I usually get all the fruit and celery ready in one bowl and the chicken in another bowl and refrigerate.  Then the next day I add them together and mix in  the mayonnaise.

Serves 6-8

I usually serve in a croissant roll with lettuce with peanuts sprinkles on top.


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  1. Destri permalink

    OH I was just thinking I needed to find a great recipe for chicken salad! I am going to start making lunches for Aaron to take to work, and I thought I could just pack a roll and the salad seperate so the sandwich doesn’t go soggy…This one looks great, Thnks dear!

  2. It’s my favorite, Brad loves it, my kids not so much. Jileen’s kids like it though so who knows what kids will eat and what they won’t. Thanks for leaving a nice comment. xoxox Suz

  3. Tami permalink

    Mom makes a chicken salad with pecans and pineapple that is very good. I think we need to try this one it sounds very good and fruity. Love your new blog.

  4. Thanks Tami, your mom is a great cook she could teach me a few things especially her mexican food.!!

  5. I have a special fondness for chicken salad! I could eat it daily. Thanks!

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