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My new favorite food products

April 8, 2010

In my pursuit of eating healthy I have found 3 products that have helped me curb my appetite and taste great.

If you think all protein bars are alike- think again.  They are very different in taste and sugar content.  I prefer to not have the extra sugar in my diet when it’s a protein bar, if I’m going to eat sugar I’m going to eat the real stuff and love it.  So, I happened upon these tasty little bars at Sam’s Club.  I bought the big box without taste testing which was a little scary.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Recently I found out that Target sells them too, so no need for the giant box if your not sure if you’ll like them.  Pure Protein bars have very little sugar 6g to 10 grams per bar and that is adding the sugar and sugar alcohol together.  The best part is the protein is high 20 grams per bar, that translates into curbing your appetite. for 3 to 4 hours.   I eat one of these in the late afternoon so I won’t binge on whatever is in the house.  It fits great in your purse for those days you run errans and don’t get time to eat.

Another great product high in protein is Muscle Milk.  You don’t have to be a body builder to drink muscle milk.  Muscle milk has protein and vitamins that your body needs but is digested at a slower rate so you feel full longer.  I give this to my little boy who is  9 years old before he goes to Karate class because it is a 2 hour class and it is directly after school.  He loves it and thinks it taste like chocolate milk.  My husband drinks this mid morning to keep him going at work.  Muscle Milk is available at most grocery stores by the vitamins.

Amy’s food products is a find for sure.  How great to have a frozen food be organic, healthy and taste delicious.  I found these at a local health food store but have since found them at Super Walmart.  Each variety I have tasted is so good.  They don’t taste like rubber, they actually taste like something you might cook.  I don’t feel guilty buying these, even though they are more expensive than most.  It’s great to have something in the freezer when you are busy and don’t have time to cook you can feel good about eating it.


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  1. Diane permalink

    my family loves the peanut butter pure protein bars!!!!

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